Watch. Feel. Think. Do.

Active and engaged learning experiences take place inside and outside the classroom throughout your four-year experience as an Art or Art History major. Students have traveled to Hungary, Italy, Germany, and many other countries with their studies of fine art and art history. There are so many opportunities and possibilities in our own thriving art scene of Tacoma, and surrounding art hubs in the Pacific Northwest. Please contact your advisor for more information on these and other opportunities.


Prepare as a Professional

• Internships

• Conference Attendance and Presentations

• Mentorship programs/events

• Shadowing Opportunities

• Guest Speakers/Panel Discussions

Experience the World

• Regional/national/international excursions

• Study abroad opportunities

• Regional/national/international service opportunities

• Postgraduate study/fellowships

Engage Your Community

• Local (Tacoma/Seattle) field trips

• Civic scholarship projects

• Volunteer opportunities

• Attending/performing in performances, events, exhibitions

• Community programs and partnerships

Conduct Research

• Summer research opportunities

• Publish in scholarly journals

• Independent study/directed research/senior thesis coursework

• Postgraduate study/fellowships