Summer Residency for Studio Art Graduates

The Summer Residency for Studio Art Graduates goal is to foster opportunities for four 2016 Studio Art graduates from Puget Sound to seamlessly continue their studio practice, create fully developed portfolios of artwork that will position them to apply successfully to graduate schools or take the next step toward careers in art.  The Summer Residency is funded by the McMillen Foundation.


  • Studio art graduates will complete ca. 10 weeks of on-campus studio artwork and 1 or 2 weeks of in-person art viewing at galleries/museums/arts-related events in a major U.S. city around the country as well as in the region;
  • Faculty will support and mentor Studio Art graduates on campus to continue developing their artistic ideas and exhibit their own work at the conclusion of the residency;
  • Studio Art graduates will continue developing ideas from their senior thesis projects building sophisticated portfolios of competitive artistic work in preparation for graduate school applications or other opportunities in the visual arts.


Application Guidelines

  • A 500-word essay discussing:
  1. How you envision the impact of the summer residency on your future careers as artists or in the visual arts
  2. How does will the travel component facilitate your development of a cohesive body of work.
  • Five images in jpeg form.  
  • Only digital applications will be accepted.  Application below.


Residency Description

The 2016 residency program will begin in June to build on the momentum of the senior thesis projects. Students will travel independently to a major art center of their choice (e.g., Los Angeles, Chicago, or New York) during the first half of their residency and will spend one to two weeks visiting museums, galleries, public monuments. During the remaining 10 or 11 weeks of the program, summer residents will continue to develop artwork begun during their senior thesis projects, working to build a carefully considered and well executed new body of work.


Participants will have access to Puget Sound studio facilities and will meet regularly with studio art faculty who will provide regular critique sessions, and offer feedback and guidance on the emerging work. The group of Studio Art majors will form their own artistic community on campus and cultivate a dedicated peer support system as they go through the program and beyond.


Reflection and Exhibition

As a condition of participating in the summer residency, participants will be asked to write a reflection on their experience and exhibit their work at Kittredge Gallery on the University of Puget Sound campus during the fall semester of 2016. Each participant will present a brief gallery talk to current students to stimulate dialog between the residency participants and the current students. 

ART/ARTH Summer Residency For Studio Arts Application

ART/ARTH Summer Residency For Studio Arts Application