Alumni have been hired as counselors, therapists, coaches/trainers, chiropractors, EMTs and professors. Here are some of the many career possibilities.

Athletic Trainer, Biomechanist, Biomedical Engineer, Cardiac Rehabilitation, Cardiopulmonary, Technologist, College Professor, Coach, Corporate Fitness, Dietitian/Sports Nutritionist, Dentist, Equipment design companies, Ergonomics Specialist, Exercise Physiologist, Exercise Program Administrator, Fitness Center Director, Lab Technician, Medical or pharmaceutical representative/salesperson, Nurse, Occupational Physiologist, Occupational Therapy, Optometrist, Paramedic, Personal trainer, Pharmacist, Physical Therapy, Physician, Physician’s Assistant, Prosthetics Technician, Public Health, Researcher, Surgical Technician, Teacher, Wellness specialist/Center Administrator