Each spring, the English department presents four awards to graduating seniors:

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Additionally, the department sponsors three writing contests:

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For more information about each contest, please visit: Contest Information
We look forward to reading your work!


2022 Writing Contest Winners


Nixeon Civille Handy Poetry Award
Sara Orozco, "March Migration"

Sandler Critical Essay Award
Austyn Smith, "Language as Liberation"

Esther Wagner Fiction Prize
Brenna Sweeny, "The Gardener"


2022 Awardees


Barry Bauska Senior Creative Writing Major Award
Alex Miller

Kathryn Irene Rodgers Scholarship
Soncirey Mitchell

Peter Greenfield Award
Nola Thury

Philip Hager Award
Ben Williams
Mikaela Fouts

Departmental Honors
Soncirey Mitchell, Alex Miller