In order to conduct safe and effective experiments with the SEM or Confocal microscopes, all students must fill out the apporpriate lab safety agreement and complete a 90-minute training session.

Lab Safety Agreement - Course-related Independent Projects

Lab Safety Agreement - Independent Research

Hitachi S3400N VP SEM


SEM User Guide

SEM Instructional Video

Nikon D-Eclipse C1


Confocal User Guide

Epifluorescence User Guide

Quick Start Guide

Bio-Rad CFX96 qPCR


CFX96 qPCR User Guide

Calculating Gene Expression:

Single Reference Gene Instructions

Multiple Reference Genes Instructions

Spreadsheet to calculate NRQ

Post-Run CFX Manager Instructions

Statistical Analysis:

Data Analysis Example

Quick R Stats Script for qPCR

Bio-Rad Gel Doc XR+


Gel Doc XR+ Quick User Guide

Optional Printing Instructions

Bio-Rad MyCycler


BioRad MyCycler User Guide

Li-COR Odyssey Fc


Nucleic Acid User Guides

Nucleic Acid Full User Guide

Nucleic Acid Quick Start Guide

Protein Work User Guides

Western Blot and Protein Gel Full User Guide

Western Blot and Protein Gel Quick Start Guide

LI-COR Resource

Odyssey Fc Application Protocols

Nikon Microphot FX


Microphot User Guide

Leica S6 D Stereomicroscope


Leica S6 D User Guide