Offield Endowment Travel Fellowship

APPLICATION DEADLINE: February 28th, 2020, 5 pm (Awards will be announced on or before March 10th.)

ELIGIBILITY: Art and Art History Majors of sophomore or junior standing

PURPOSE: To support enriching encounters with international visual art.

The Offield Endowment Travel Fellowship provides a $2,000-$2,500 stipend to two students in support of a

trip to an international location to experience visual art during the spring or summer of 2020.

The Offield Travel Fellowship can be used to extend or provide additional travel opportunities for students

engaging in summer or spring semester travel abroad programs. The grant must support substantial

enrichment that is not part of the travel abroad program’s curricula.

Application Process:

1. Submit a 500-word essay to art@pugetsound discussing the following:

a. Summarize the scope of the art you propose to visit in person, e.g., a particular artist,

specific show, museum collection, etc.

b. Explain the reasons why viewing this art in another country will facilitate your development

as a visual artist or art historian. You may wish to limit your explanation to the art itself or

also address the importance of experiencing it in a particular cultural context.

2. In addition to the essay, please list your travels outside the U.S. In a brief paragraph explain what

kind of visual art have you encountered during your trips and how these experiences of seeing art

have shaped your academic interests.

Review Process

The applications will be reviewed by faculty in the Department of Art and Art History. Faculty will be looking

for the thoughtful consideration of how exposure to international art will inform students’ understandings of

their studio practices, art historical studies, and/or independent research. Awards will be competitive; two

students will be granted fellowships.

Follow Up:

As a condition of participating in the Offield Endowment Travel Fellowship, participants will be asked to write

a reflection on their experiences and share a brief presentation with fellow students.