Degree Requirements

General Requirements for the Major

General university degree requirements stipulate that 1) at least four units of the major be taken in residence at Puget Sound; 2) students earn a GPA of 2.0 in courses taken for the major; and 3) all courses taken for a major must be taken for graded credit. Any exceptions to these stipulations are indicated in the major degree requirements listed below.

Requirements for the Major

  1. IPE 101, PG 102, ECON 101, and SOAN 101 or 102.
  2. IPE 205 or ECON 271
  3. IPE 301
  4. MATH 160 or 260 or equivalent.
  5. Elective courses: Three courses (usually upper-division courses) in IPE or related disciplines. Elective courses must be pre-approved by the student’s IPE advisor in consultation with the student. A course used to satisfy this requirement may not also be used to satisfy a university core requirement. At least one of the three IPE Major Electives must be an upper-division IPE course taken on the Puget Sound campus. Elective classes should be chosen to:
    1. Broaden or deepen the student’s understanding of IPE theory;
    2. Provide economic, political, social or historical context for analysis of important IPE issues;
    3. Provide specific expertise necessary for a student’s senior thesis research;
    4. Develop analytical tools useful in IPE research;
    5. Deepen knowledge of a particular country or region.
  6. Senior Thesis: IPE 401


  1. To count towards the major a course grade must be C- or above.
  2. Every student must coordinate his or her program with an IPE advisor.
  3. Where a course both supports a major in IPE and fulfills a major or minor requirement in another field, a student may count no more than two 200- or higher-level departmental units from that major or minor towards the IPE major.