Lo Sun Perry


Instructor, Asian Studies

Lo Sun 'Lotus' Perry is a long-time instructor and teaches all levels of Chinese language courses. An advocate for study abroad and experiential learning, Perry is the faculty supervisor for the Puget Sound Summer Taiwan Program at Tunghai University and works closely with majors and minors in Chinese to seek language immersion, community volunteer, internship, and fellowship opportunities. She co-authored the language textbook, Taiwan Today: An Intermediate Course (Cheng & Tsui), and regularly participates in AP Chinese reading and content developing. Perry also volunteers for the Chinese Reconciliation Project Foundation in Tacoma and serves as a board director.

MA University of Washington 1986
First Year Chinese CHIN 101-A 2218
Second Year Chinese CHIN 201-A 2218
Chinese Corner: Conversation CHIN 216-A 2218
Culture and Communication CHIN 250-A 2218
First Year Chinese CHIN 102-A 2224
Second Year Chinese CHIN 202-A 2224
Situational Oral Expression CHIN 260-A 2224

Contact Information

Wyatt 246
email perry@pugetsound.edu