International Business

The Business Leadership Program's mission includes providing students an opportunity to develop into leaders that can effectively operate in a global environment.  Students interested in pursuing an International Business emphasis within the Business Leadership Major take specific courses focused on international business, must take language to the 202 level, and must complete an international experience. 

In addition, a large number of BLP students study abroad in places like Argentina, Australia, China, England, Ireland, and New Zealand. BLP students have also completed internships abroad in companies such as Russell Investments, SodaMedia, and Young & Rubicam Shanghai.

Edinburgh, Scotland has ‚Äčentirely exceeded my expectations. I am taking classes for my other major, computer science, and a core credit while living in such a beautiful and historical city. I wanted to study abroad to learn in a new place, meet new people and experience as many new cities and cultures as possible. I've been able to visit Belgium, Luxembourg, France, Ireland, Wales, the northern highlands and the isles of Scotland so far. I have future travel plans to see Denmark, Sweden, Portugal and Spain. I feel incredibly lucky to have seen so many different places already. I love living in Scotland and attending Edinburgh University. I implore anyone who wants to spend time abroad to do so, it's a truly unique opportunity!

Studying in Japan has been a dream of mine for quite a long time, and it has certainly lived up to my expectations so far. Not only am I enrolled in a History of Tokyo class and intensive language classes, but I am also participating in a weekly field placement. Through this program, I have been able to sit in on a full work day every week in a Japanese human rights NGO in order to learn about different cultures' work environments. This experience has helped me broaden my own perspective, and I hope to delve even deeper into the culture during my time abroad.

 Because I am double majoring with FLIA, I have decided to study abroad in Paris, France! Not only are all my classes in French, but I also have an internship in French at “La Defense”, or Paris’ Wallstreet, as a Marketing Intern for a small tech company that develops networking applications working with both B2B and B2C markets. Once my semester here is up, I have the amazing opportunity to stay in France with my old host family from my last foreign exchange in high school for Christmas!  I am looking forward to my trips to Austria, Hungary, and Norway for New Year’s! I really recommend coming to Paris in the Fall as the weather is a lot like Puget Sound and there are less tourists! There are two programs available: French Studies and an International Business Program, I'm doing the French Studies one. Even if you can’t speak French, the International Business Program is taught in English and gives you the opportunity to live in France, experience the culture, eat good food, and go out on the town!‚Äč