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Environmental Experience

Environmental Experience

Experiential Learning is an essential component of our Environmental Policy & Decision Making program. We extend beyond the classroom to offer many opportunities to enhance student learning, create lasting connections, provide valuable career skills, and much more.

Discover by Doing

Discover by Doing

Numerous courses offered in within the EPDM department encourage students to participate in experiential learning. From Tacoma creeks to the Grand Canyon, experiential learning programs and courses encourage students and faculty to learn in the field and in the classroom.

Experiential Learning

Experiential learning in the EPDM department provides a unique combination of classroom learning and real-world experiences. Students develop essential life and professional skills, lasting connections and network opportunities, and enjoy the rich environment in the Puget Sound region and beyond.

Many of our experiential learning courses focus on local instruction and issues, but many also explore far corners of the nation - and even the globe. A glance at our experiential learning offerings reveals many field school and summer research opportunities, environmentally centered internships or block programs (such as the Southwest Semester), and multiple quarter-credit courses that encourage students to directly involve themselves in the local community. 

More information to come! See below for a quick glance at a few of the experiential learning programs we offer. 

Environmental Challenge

The Environmental Challenge encourages students to tackle a real-world situation dealing with a contemporary environmental problem. Student teams work to design the most optimal solution, presented in conjunction with appropriate regulatory approaches and political and community resolution. 

Field School in Conservation in Development

One of the many field schools offered at Puget Sound, this course combines field-based learning in conservation and development with with research training in diverse cultural contexts. Students gain exposure to scientific and social scientific fieldwork through the framework of conservation and development. 

Sound Policy Institute

The Sound Policy Institute builds the capacity of individuals and groups, both on campus and in the local community, to actively engage in environmental decision making. The institute provides opportunities for EPDM students to build community-based experiential learning opportunities into college coursework and for researching pressing environmental issues.