Department of Art and Art History

The Department of Art and Art History explores the wonder and complexity of visual art in theory and practice. Studio art students specialize in painting, printmaking, sculpture, or ceramics, learning a wide range of techniques and processes in specialized studio spaces. Art history students study diverse artistic traditions and develop strong analytical, research, presentation, and writing skills.




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Invisible Nation, Victor Cartagena | letter to a laundress, Carletta Carrington Wilson
Kittredge Gallery
August 30-September 30
Reception August 31, 5-7 pm 

San Francisco based visual artist Victor Cartagena will install a multi-media installation on August 30th and 31st from 10-5 pm in the Kittredge Gallery.  Please drop by and see the evolution of Invisible Nation. 

In this installation specifically, I will address the resistance and courage of those who live in the shadows of fear: the dreamers, the illegals, the "hace lo todo" –immigrants. It is a cultural and political installation, an act of protest, literally and figuratively, saying that we immigrants, count: we are necessary members of this society, despite the fear, the oppression, the discrimination and injustice we face—and that we will resist this anti-immigrant sentiment that has seemed to have reached its boiling point at present. 
-Victor Cartagena

(L-R): Ayse Hunt, Elayna Caron, Walker Hewitt, Ian Chandler, Ronda Peck, Sophia Munic (not pictured: Mary Thomas)
(L-R): Ayse Hunt, Elayna Caron, Walker Hewitt, Ian Chandler, Ronda Peck, Sophia Munic (not pictured: Mary Thompson) 

Arts, Humanities, and Social Sciences Summer Research Symposium
September 11, 2018, from 3:30-5pm in Collins Memorial Library, West Reading Room
Showcasing the eight Art and Art History majors that were awarded AHSS Summer Research Grants: 
Ian Chandler (Sculpture); Elayna Caron (Painting); Ally Hembree (Printmaking); Walker Hewitt (Painting); Ayse Hunt (Art History); Sophia Munic (Sculpture); Ronda Peck (Ceramics); Mary Thompson (Art History)


Art+Sci Salon:  Soil Made Visible
September 13, 6-8 pm, LIB020

Join Mary Farrell, Professor of Art at Gonzaga University for a discussion of Soil Made Visible, a collaborative project undertaken with her sister Pat Farrell, Associate Professor of Geography at the University of Minnesota Duluth.

Soil, though silent, is vigorous, vivacious and alive as it nurtures seeds to germination, incubates microbes, changes its parent, and swims and swarms with life. The goal of this art-science collaboration is to make soil visible. We are a pair of blood sisters, a soil geographer, and an artist. As we talked about the living, breathing, corporeal nature of soil, we became intrigued with the idea of burying a canvas to, quite simply, let soil make art. To us, soil seemed the perfect metaphor for exploring the underside of our sibling relationships. Drawn to the intimate association between soil and roots, and the important role root structures have played in Mary’s artwork, we chose to plant a root image below the surface.
-Mary Farrell


Jonathan Steele '14 accepted an adjunct position at Lane Community College in Eugene, OR. 



Professor Kriszta Kotsis was honored with a 2018 Davis Teaching Award celebrating excellence in teaching.  Congratulations Kriszta!


Studio Art Professor Janet Marcavage’s artwork, Blue, was recently selected for inclusion in the King County Public Art Collection. It is one of several artworks that will be rotated throughout King County Buildings.

Works by the following artists were selected this year: Humaira Abid*, Michael Acker, Lauren Adams, John Armstrong, Cynthia Back, Jessixa Bagley, Sean Barton, Deanne Belinoff, Louisiana Bendolph, Mary Lee Bendolph, Elizabeth Bennett, Gala Bent, Amanda L Burnham, Romson Regarde Bustillo, Dawn Cerny, MalPina Chan, Timothy Cross, Pat De Caro, Peter de Lory, Cecelia DeLeon, Michele Domingo, Tallmadge Doyle, Phil Eidenberg-Noppe, Linda Emmerman, DeiLynn Fendley, Joseph Freeman Jr., Natalie Fobes, Karen Hackenberg, Sharon Lee Hart, Colleen Hayward, David Hytone, Etsuko Ichikawa, Eirik Johnson, Iskra Johnson, Caroline Kapp, Michael Kenna, Dave Kennedy, Thendara Kida-Gee, Amanda Knowles, Paul Komada, Dianne Kornberg, Nancy Goodman Lawrence, Fulgencio Lazo, Hung Liu, Alejandro Macias, Victor Maldonado, Janet Marcavage, Kelda Martensen, Dorothy McGuinness, Leleita Mckill, Katie Miller, Marilyn Montufar, Saya Moriyasu, Paul Newman, Cory Peeke, Mary Ann Peters, Peter Rand, Ann Chadwick Reid, Glenn Rudolph, Juliet Shen, Akio Takamori, Jennifer Timmer Trail, Kimberly Trowbridge, Thuy-Van Vu, Sadie Wechsler, Jingzi Zhao, and Jennifer Zwick.

*Humaira Abid is one of our visiting artists this fall at Puget Sound.