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Summer Virtual Meetings

Summer Virtual Meetings

With the changes affecting all aspects of life during a global pandemic, we're starting Fall 2020 Orientation early this summer with a series of virtual meetings to share some important information with you!



Settle into your campus residence with the help of Residence Life staff and the Student Welcome Assistance Team (S.W.A.T.).



A welcome from university administrators and student leadership.

The Bookend Experience

The Bookend Experience

Connect your immersive experience with the liberal arts.



This special Puget Sound tradition symbolizes your entrance into the university community.


Due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic fall courses and fall orientation for the class of 2024 will be offered remotely. 

Learn more about August Orientation, this includes Bookends, Academic Advising and your Orientation group.

August Orientation Schedule

See how Fall 2020 Orientation details have been adjusted to accommodate the COVID-19 pandemic.

About Orientation at Puget Sound

At Puget Sound, Orientation is a community experience. Its three themes are Challenge, Comfort and Connect. The program is designed to challenge students intellectually, connect them with their peers, faculty, and staff members, and help them feel comfortable using university resources. 


Families and friends can help students move in to campus housing on the first day of Orientation while a multitude of programs and events help parents and students to acclimate to campus life.

Other Components

Students will meet with their academic advisers to review their pre-registered course schedule (available in mid-July) and have a conversation about their future explorations at Puget Sound. 

Academic Fair
On Sunday,  students can attend the academic fair to talk with professors about areas of study they are interested in pursuing while at Puget Sound. 

ePortfolio Sessions
On Monday, you will have the opportunity to participate in eportfolio workshops. The training will orient you on the purpose and the technical aspects of the developing your Puget Sound ePortfolio.  Please bring your personal laptop (some laptops will be available for use) and have an image of yourself available on the laptop or flash drive.

Music Auditions
Students who wish to participate in music ensembles on campus will have the opportunity to audition for the various groups the School of Music offers. 

Library Sessions
On the Monday of Orientation, students will attend a library session to better understand one of the most important resources for a student at Puget Sound. 

Work-Study and Campus Employment
Career and Employment Services will be available to discuss on-campus employment on Monday and Friday. Work-Study students will have a mandatory orientation meeting on Saturday, August 24th. Those students will be able to set up interviews with campus employers on Monday and Friday.

Other Events
Students will attend various workshops that cover important topics that Puget Sound feels are vital to be a productive member of our community. These include discussions about sexual assault prevention, consent, bystander intervention, safe use of alcohol, and engaging with cultures different than your own.  

Students and their guests will be welcomed by university leaders during Convocation and students will enter the academic community of Puget Sound during Matriculation. 


As Orientation draws nearer, incoming students will be able to view their detailed and personalized Orientation schedules on their myPugetSound account. The individual schedules will be available in the week of August 17th.

We are excited to welcome our incoming first-year and transfer students!

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