The primary Emergency Operations Center (EOC) is Wyatt Hall. The Emergency Policy Council (President's Cabinet) and Emergency Operations Center Management Group may meet there in event of an emergency resulting in injuries, significant building damages, and/or major campus operation interruption. If Wyatt Hall is not functional or safe to use, a most suitable backup site will be selected based on building conditions and event circumstances.

The Fieldhouse and Pamplin Fitness Center are primary sites for gathering the campus community for temporary shelter purposes in the event other buildings cannot be occupied. The Training Room and adjacent areas may also be used for medical triage and treatment in the event of major campus medical emergencies.

A special disaster Information voice message box (extension 4900) will be used to provide abbreviated reports regarding the status of campus occupants, facilities, and operations. A voice message will be updated frequently to provide current, general information to callers and/or to refer callers to other telephone numbers or the website.

The university home page also will be used to provide status information regarding campus occupants, facilities and disaster response. A back-up website will be used if the primary site is inoperable.