Rooms are assigned based on a variety of factors. Academic themed programs are given priority, and then students are placed based on their housing application responses and available space. First-year students are eligible for housing in Anderson/Langdon, Harrington, Regester, Schiff, and Todd/Phibbs. Transfer students are eligible for housing in Smith, Oppenheimer, depending on class standing Trimble, Thomas, and the campus houses. To provide as many possible matches for each student, all applications submitted before June 1 are processed with the same consideration given to each application. Students are randomly assigned to specific floors or room types (i.e., a quad, double, triple).

Floor plans are available to view on our website and require a Puget Sound username and password to view. Unfortunately, we are not able to provide exact floor dimensions for rooms. A standard room in our traditional halls (Anderson/Langdon, Harrington, Regester, Schiff, Seward, and Todd/Phibbs) is rectangular and approximately 180 square feet. There is a large variance in rooms in our halls, depending on location in the hall and physical building components such as pipes, pillars, and ceilings.

Each room does come with one extra-large twin bed per student, and one desk per student. Double rooms share one small bookcase. Triple and quad rooms have between one and three bookcases, depending on available inventory and space.

All laundry on-campus is free. Each residence hall and house has its own laundry facility, typically on each floor in the residence halls. Students should bring a laundry basket and detergent. No quarters or laundry cards are required.

Once you have received a housing assignment you may request placement on our housing waitlist by submitting a Change of Housing Request. If a vacancy should occur, you will be moved. Our waitlist is first come first served and will be utilized up until mid-August on the day of new student move-in. After students have begun to move in, the waitlist expires and we have a room freeze until after the 10th day of classes. We strongly believe it is important for students to make the best of their housing once they have moved on campus. If after the 10th day of classes, you are still interested in moving rooms, you may contact your Resident Director to initiate the room change process. Room changes are subject to availability.

Single rooms in first-year halls are only available to students with a medical or psychological need and approved by Student Accessibility and Accommodation (SAA) based on availability. Documentation is required with SAA for an approved housing adjustment. To contact SAA about a housing accommodation, such as a single room, access to a specific feature in the community such as a kitchen, please contact SAA at You may also visit the Student Accessibility and Accommodation website for more information on the university's policy for emotional support animals.

Do you have a large balance on your meal plan? Do you keep running out of money on your card? If so, you may want to change your meal plan. If your meal plan is not the right one for you, please feel free to change it. To add or change a meal plan, visit MyPugetSound. In the Student Financial's tab choose " Change My Meal Plan." Select an option within * Meal Plan then select save meal plan. You may only change your meal plan during the first ten days of the semester.