Future Loggers will graduate with a deeper and more thoughtful understanding of not just the value of their liberal arts education, but of its utility in the world beyond graduation. Students will be more deeply engaged in their education; develop a coherent, integrated path throughout their curricular and cocurricular experiences; demonstrate an informed and thoughtful sense of justice and a commitment to ethical action; and graduate better prepared for work and life beyond college. Students will display a propensity for being more engaged in the workplace, sustaining lifelong well-being and adaptability as they imagine, create, and serve the future.

Educational Goals

A student completing the undergraduate curriculum will be able to:

  • think critically and creatively;
  • communicate clearly and effectively, both orally and in writing; and
  • develop and apply knowledge both independently and collaboratively.

They will have developed:

  • familiarity with diverse fields of knowledge and the ability to draw connections among them;
  • solid grounding in the field of the student’s choosing;
  • understanding of self, others, and influence in the world; and
  • an informed and thoughtful sense of justice and a commitment to ethical action.

Graduate students will benefit from components of this framework as they pursue high-impact learning in clinical practicums, fieldwork, and teaching and counseling placements, guided by key mentors, and using e-portfolios to support their professional development and training. Enhanced integration of undergraduate and graduate programs, both current and new, including greater attention to inter-professional preparation, will prepare educators, health care practitioners, and other professionals for service to their dynamically changing fields.

We believe that the Leadership for a Changing World strategic plan provides Puget Sound with a distinctive means of achieving our vision to challenge and support our students as they become broadly and deeply educated lifelong learners, prepared to create and serve the future and to become the world's next generation of visionary leaders.