Over many decades, University of Puget Sound has benefited from disciplined and visionary leadership that has shaped the institution's future and built upon the strengths of its past, while responding with creativity to the challenges of the present day.

The opportunity
In a rapidly changing environment for higher education, Puget Sound is well-positioned to adapt and be increasingly innovative in offering a challenging and enriching liberal arts education that produces graduates with skills, experiences, and attributes that are highly impactful, relevant and marketable.

The challenge
We compete for students in a dynamic and crowded higher educational market where shifts in demographics, affordability, government regulation, technology, the political environment, and other areas require us to be increasingly strategic and adaptive in not only responding to but anticipating change.

Our response
For Puget Sound to successfully meet the challenges and expectations of higher education, we must be bold and forward-looking in the delivery of our education and in meeting the needs of this and future generations of students. Each of the initiatives in which we will engage in the coming decade must demonstrate the potential to deliver a distinctive university experience, leverage our strategic advantages, support two or more strategic goals, and position the university and our students for long-term success.

Leadership for a Changing World is based on five key strategic goals that affirm and enrich our mission as a national liberal arts college while simultaneously fostering innovative opportunities to advance institutional excellence, academic distinction, and student success.

What will we achieve?
We will become ever more the institution of choice for students seeking a dynamic and engaging liberal arts education, preparing all of our students for postgraduate success in a highly dynamic economy marked by an accelerating pace of change and providing opportunities for advanced study in alignment with our mission. We will fully live our responsibility as an intellectual asset in the broader world, contributing our leadership and vision to advancing civic discourse and addressing the issues of the times in which we live. We will strengthen not only access to but graduation from Puget Sound, and diversify our sources of revenue to ensure our ability to reach our goals.

Realization of these goals will be supported by a series of operational initiatives designed to re-imagine faculty and staff engagement; align efforts to support equity, diversity, and inclusion; create institutional and curricular structures to respond with agility to social, environmental, and technological changes; and develop comprehensive, interconnected long-term approaches in enrollment management, financial and physical resource management, constituent engagement and fundraising, and institutional marketing and communications.