Master Planning Task Force, 2003-05

  • Ronald R. Thomas - President, Task Force Chair
  • Craig Benjamin - Associate Vice President for Facilities Services, Task Force Coordinator
  • Kris Bartanen - Vice President for Student Affairs, Dean of Students
  • Terry Cooney - Academic Vice President, Dean
  • Karen Goldstein - Vice President for Finance and Administration (2003)
  • John Hickey - Associate Vice President for Business Services
  • Tom Leavitt - Trustee
  • Sherry Mondou - Vice President for Finance and Administration (2004)
  • Karin Sable - Associate Professor of Economics
  • Ross Singleton - Professor of Economics
  • Curt Sanders '04 - Student
  • George Paton - Manager of Capital Development, Task Force staff

Community Participants


Ken McGill '61


Jaquelyn Kleiner
Jonathan Phillips

Business District Representatives

Bill Evans - Proctor District
Holly Minniti - Sixth Avenue Business District

Master Plan Architects

SRG Partnership

Founded in 1972, SRG Partnership is a Northwest architectural firm known for planning and designing higher education campuses. SRG's approach to projects emphasizes teamwork, imagination, and excellence.
Dennis Cusack - Principal in Charge
Kent Duffy - Campus Design Architect
Dana Ing - Project Manager
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Walker Macy

Walker Macy provides expertise in landscape architecture and urban planning. He has been involved in master planning projects for universities including Lewis and Clark, Reed, Willamette, University of California-Riverside, and many others.
Doug Macy - Landscape Architect
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Renowned for efficient and sustainable architecture, urban planning, landscape architecture, and interior design, Mithun offers Puget Sound the expertise of Lee Copeland, former dean of architecture and urban design at the University of Pennsylvania and the University of Washington.
Lee Copeland - Campus Planner
Brodie Bain - Program Analysis
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