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What can I recycle?

Sustainability Services is the department on campus that coordinates all recycling, waste diversion, and donation needs on campus. Check out the Recycling on Campus guide to learn more about how to recycle on campus.

Where can I donate items?

To learn more about donation centers around Tacoma, you can visit the Pierce County donations webpage, or the Sustainability Services donations webpage to see a few of our favorite organizations.

How can I volunteer?

One of the best ways to practice what you have learned in the classroom environment is to put it into action. Volunteering in our local community ensures that the Puget Sound region's natural resources are protected for many generations to come. The Center for Intercultural and Civic Engagement (CICE) is a great resource to discover volunteer opportunities in the area.

How can I host a zero-waste event?

At zero-waste events, all items consumed or used during the event do not end up in the landfill. Sustainability Services coordinates these events. If you'd like to make your next event zero-waste, email recycling@pugetsound.edu to make arrangements.

I have an idea for a sustainable project. How do I get started?

Each year, $3.00 from every Puget Sound student's tuition money is pooled together to form the Green Fund, also known as the Green Fee. This fund functions to support students seeking to implement projects that improve campus sustainability. The Green Fund is managed by ASUPS and can be applied for each semester. Tell us about your idea!

Where can I get information about the divestment campaign?

The divestment campaign is run by Puget Sound's ECO Club, which functions to channel student voices regarding environmental concerns in the Puget Sound Community and to educate and raise awareness about environmental justice. You can read the Statement on Divestment, published by the Board of Trustees in May 2016, or join ECO by emailing eco@pugetsound.edu.