Puget Sound is proud to be part of the Tacoma community.

Food Justice

The Diner collaborates with the Center for Intercultural and Civic Engagement (CICE) in programs such as Food Salvage, which delivers food from the Diner to the Guadalupe House, a transitional house in downtown Tacoma. Interested in volunteering? Contact foodjustice@pugetsound.edu and join the team!

Citizens for a Healthy Bay

Citizens for a Healthy Bay is a non-profit organization that brings people together to achieve a clean and healthy Commencement Bay, benefiting our community and the surrounding ecosystems. They push for effective cleanup of toxic contamination in around Commencement Bay, advocate for a temporary freeze on future fossil fuel facilities in Tacoma, and work in local classrooms to empower the next generation of environmental stewards.

City of Tacoma Environmental Action Plan

The city's Environmental Action Plan discusses the impacts of climate change on Tacoma and outlines the actions taken by our city government to become more environmentally sustainable.