When proposing changes to an existing course that has been previously approved by the Curriculum Committee, please submit the Curriculum Proposal Form as directed.

It may also be necessary to submit a course syllabus (see instructions below).

  • If the proposal modifies the content of an existing course, please submit a course syllabus including the following items. An incomplete syllabus may delay the course proposal review.  If a syllabus does not contain all of the items listed below, please provide a brief explanation in the form.
    • Clear enumeration of student learning outcomes
    • Outline of content and schedule of coursework
    • Student requirements (reading, assignments, written work, projects, etc.), including brief descriptions of major assignments and projects
    • Evaluation criteria and grading structure (as appropriate)
    • Bibliography
    • Required course material
    • Statement of policies regarding Academic Integrity (this statement is developed by the course proposer)
    • Required Syllabus Inserts
  • Grading: It is assumed that the standard grading pattern will be employed in the course proposed: letter grade, or Credit/No Credit as an option for students. If a mandatory Credit/No Credit system will be used, full justification must be provided. In general, only such activities such as clinical experience or student teaching, where letter grades are impractical, should employ mandatory Credit/No Credit grading. If In-Progress (IP) grading is to be used, a full explanation must be provided. IP grading should be used only where completion of the course requirements is designed to extend beyond the end of the semester. It should not be used interchangeably with the Incomplete grade option.