Master Plan Mission
The University of Puget Sound Campus Master Plan establishes a physical framework that enhances the university's institutional mission through visionary principals as a predominantly residential undergraduate liberal arts college; provides for 20-25 years of campus development; and builds upon the unique character of the campus and the university's academic, natural, and urban environment.

Master Plan Goals
Aspirations that have emerged from the workshops, open forums, and other discussions that the master plan must achieve for long-term success:

  • Establish a clear organizing structure that integrates key campus elements into a cohesive whole and provides a framework for future planning decisions.
  • Create a physical campus that reflects the unique identity of the University of Puget Sound.
  • Make efficient use of campus properties and anticipate future campus needs and opportunities.
  • Enhance the connection of the campus to the neighborhood, city, and Puget Sound region.
  • Establish a strong campus arrival that takes advantage of the city, Sound, and campus setting.
  • Increase on-campus housing to 75% with the possibility of future growth of the undergraduate student population with various residential choices.
  • Provide for growth and evolution of academic, co-curricular, recreation, and social programs.
  • Provide for efficient, functional, and cost-effective campus infrastructure systems.
  • Integrate sustainability concepts and opportunities into future campus development.
  • Establish clear priorities and options for phased implementation of the master plan.