University of Puget Sound Two-Year Residential Requirement

As a residential liberal arts college, the University of Puget Sound affirms the educational benefits inherent in this kind of undergraduate experience. Student learning, in and out of the classroom, and student success are enhanced by the on-campus residential experience. Being a part of a community of scholars is also reinforced by living in campus housing. Because of this, Puget Sound requires all students to live on-campus for their first two academic years with the university and a significant number of students choose to continue living on campus through graduation to fully reap the benefits of a residential liberal arts experience. The two-year residential requirement applies to all new students, including first-year students and transfer students.

Housing Agreement

Each year an updated Housing Agreement will be accessible electronically through myPugetSound in early February. The housing agreement and all terms and conditions set forth are binding for the entire academic year upon selecting a housing assignment. This agreement applies to all student residents of university-owned facilities.

Students will need to electronically sign their housing agreement prior to selecting housing. Similar to Terms and Conditions prior to class registration, a "hold" will be placed on student accounts, meaning self service (picking a specific housing assignment) will not be available for students who have not already agreed to the terms set forth by the housing agreement. The housing agreement is void until a housing assignment is made. Students must choose a housing assignment to complete their housing agreement. Once a student confirms their housing assignment selection in myPugetSound, their agreement is binding for the full academic year.

Requests for Residential Policy Exemption & Housing Agreement Appeals

Appeals to be released from the residential requirement or cancel a housing agreement must be submitted to the Residence Life office via the On Campus Housing Agreement Appeal.

Exceptions to the residential 2-year live on requirement are made for:

  • married students
  • students with children
  • students who are at least 21 years old
  • dependents of Puget Sound faculty and staff

Transfer students who have lived in on campus housing at a prior institution may file a housing requirement appeal after living on campus at Puget Sound for one full academic year.

On rare occasions, an exemption from the residential requirement or cancellation of a housing agreement may be permitted outside of the above list of exceptions. Housing appeals will be reviewed by Student Affairs, Student Financial Services, and Accessibility and Accommodation staff as appropriate on the basis of financial hardship, documented personal medical/health related needs, or other demonstrated extenuating circumstances.

Financial hardship is defined as a situation in which a student’s financial circumstances are so severe that they jeopardize the student’s ability to enroll or to continue enrollment at Puget Sound. A financial hardship is not simply a justification that living expenses could be lessened by off campus housing arrangements. Financial hardship appeals require that a completed FAFSA (Free Application for Federal Student Aid) be on file with Student Financial Services.

All students who successfully appeal for release from the residential requirement will be scheduled to meet with a member of the Student Affairs staff to discuss the educational benefits inherent in our liberal arts education and to develop strategies that will allow the student to best reap the benefits of our full experience without the residential component. Our goal is to formulate a healthy plan for community involvement both inside and outside of the classroom.

Residents who check out prior to the end of the agreement period and whose housing agreement appeal has not been approved will be held responsible for the full remaining room cost of the agreement.

Room & Board Rates

The 2022-23 rate to live in a standard double, triple, or quad room on-campus is $3,850 per semester. The 2022-23 rate to live in a premium room on-campus (i.e., single rooms in residence halls, rooms in university-owned houses, and single rooms in Trimble Hall or Thomas Hall) is $4,620 per semester. All students who reside in residence halls, Langlow House, and Union Avenue/Greek residences are required to purchase a university meal plan. Please visit the Dining and Event Services website for a list of all meal plan options. Under the university's "A La Carte" food service program, students may use their board plan at any time the dining services are open. Meal service is not provided over extended vacation periods (i.e., winter break) and limited meal service is offered during Thanksgiving and Spring Break periods. For more detailed information about payment plans, please refer to "Financing Your Education" in the University Bulletin.

Room Type/Location

Semester RATE

Meal Plan Required?


Double, Triple, or Quad in Anderson/Langdon, Schiff, Harrington, Smith, Oppenheimer, Todd/Phibbs, Regester, Seward or Langlow




Single in any hall listed above (very few of these singles exist on campus)




Single in Trimble/Thomas




Houses (any room)




Double or Triple in a Greek House




Single in a Greek House




*For the 2022-2023 year, the rate for a Plan C (meal) plan is $3,365 per semester.


Refund Policy

As stated on the Housing Agreement, the refund policy for students who withdraw from the university is as follows:

  1. If a student completely withdraws by the 10th day of the semester, the student will be refunded 100% of the semester room fees, but will be charged a $500 housing cancellation fee.
  2. Meal plan charges for the semester are refundable on a pro-rated basis, depending on the number of remaining Dining Dollars on the plan and the number of weeks left in the semester.
  3. Room charges for the semester are non-refundable on the 11th day of class.

Residence Life will not consider appeals for a refund of a semester room charge, on a full or pro-rated basis, when a student has withdrawn from the university after 5 p.m. on the 11th day of classes, regardless of the circumstances of that student's departure. The student will still be responsible for paying the full semester room fee.

There are no refunds of the $500 advance tuition deposit.