Summer is the perfect time to put theory into practice and gain field experience through one of our summer internship programs. As part of a summer internship experience, you’ll uncover your strengths, define your interests, and lay a strong foundation for your career aspirations after graduation.

Summer Fellowship Internship (SFI)

Designed for students who have a passion for nonprofit or public sector work, in the SFI program, you’ll help make the Tacoma community a better place to live and work. Participants in this competitive program receive a fellowship and intern 28 hours a week for 10 weeks with a local organization where you’ll get first-hand experience with a nonprofit or government organization. Past internships have included the Emergency Food Network, Hilltop Artists, and the Northwest Immigration Rights Project. Contact Nicole Kendrick for details.

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Civic Scholarship Initiative (CSI)

The Civic Scholarship Initiative connects University of Puget Sound’s faculty and students with people and organizations in the south Puget Sound region to engage in shorter-term projects and initiatives. The Civic Scholarship Initiative allows us to cultivate strong relationships with our local community while offering students the chance to engage in Tacoma in meaningful and transformative ways that bring their liberal arts learning to life. 

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Puget Sound Internship Grant (PSIG)


The Puget Sound Internship Grant provides $3,000 awards to students pursuing unpaid internships (an internship where the intern does not receive a regular wage). Grants are available for fall and spring terms. Depending on fall and spring allocations, grants may be available in the summer. As a grant recipient, you receive additional benefits, including opportunities to: join a cohort of interns, connect with an alum mentor who works in the student’s field of interest, and (optionally) enroll in EXLN 350 to pursue credit. 

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Reflective Immersive Sophomore Experience (EXLN 201)

The Reflective Immersive Sophomore Experience (RISE) is a course designed for second-year students who would like to gain individualized support and guidance in the process of defining areas of interest, setting career-related goals, and applying for off-campus internships, jobs, and other opportunities. Students in RISE will enroll in one of the EXLN 201 sessions during the academic term, attend class sessions throughout the term, and receive a grade at the end of the semester (RISE will no longer use in-progress grading; this is a change from previous years). Contact Nicole Kendrick for details.

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Experiential Learning Seminar (EXLN 301)

Completing an internship and enrolling in EXLN 301 is one pathway to obtaining the Experiential Learning Graduation Requirement. Students engage in a series of reflective conversations that help them articulate and refine their narrative surrounding a past experiential learning activity, while learning from each other. Please contact Nicole Kendrick for details.

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Internship Seminar (EXLN 350) 

Students who have an internship secured during the fall or spring semesters have an opportunity to gain academic credit by enrolling in the Experiential Learning Internship Seminar (EXLN 350). In the Internship Seminar, students earn between 0.25 and 1 unit of academic credit for participating in an off-campus internship and joining a learning community designed to help them get the most out of their experience. Contact Nicole Kendrick for details.

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Students can find additional support in their internship search and application process by visiting Career and Employment Services' Internship Resources Website.