The Strategic Planning Steering Committee, composed of trustees, faculty, staff, students, alumni, parents, and administrators, was charged in 2017-18 by President Crawford with providing advice and feedback on the strategic planning process; identifying key issues and questions that will have a particularly strong impact on the future of the college; and making recommendations to ensure a successful process in which all would have the opportunity to share their viewpoints and perspectives.

Kris Bartanen

Dave Beers P’11
Vice President for University Relations

Gwynne Brown ‘95
Associate Professor, School of Music
Co-chair, Goal Team 2

Lynnette Claire
Professor and Director, Business and Leadership
Co-chair, Goal Team 5

Isiaah Crawford
President and Steering Committee Chair

Andrea Tull Davis ’02
President, Alumni Council

Laura Martin-Fedich
Vice President for Enrollment

Maya Fletes-Martinez ’19

Fred Hamel P'12, P'15
Professor, Education
Co-chair, Goal Team 4

Suzanne Holland
Professor, Religious Studies; John B. Magee Professor of Science and Values
Co-chair, Goal Team 1

Janice Jackson-Haley
Director of Human Resources
Co-chair, Goal Team 3

Jeremy Korst ‘97

Grace Livingston
Professor, African American Studies
Co-chair, Goal Team 2

Gayle McIntosh
Vice President for Communications and Chief of Staff

Kyle Miller ’18

Nick Mitchell ’18

Maggie Mittuch ’82
Associate Vice President for Student Financial Services

Sherry Mondou
Executive Vice President and Chief Financial Officer

Deanna Oppenheimer ’80, P’11, P’14

Ellen Peters P’19
Director, Institutional Research and Retention
Co-chair, Goal Team 5

Robert Pohlad P ’07
Parent and Chair, Puget Sound Board of Trustees

Renee Simms
Assistant Professor, African American Studies
Co-chair, Goal Team 3

Moe Stephens II
Director, Student Activities
Co-chair, Goal Team 4

Lyle Quasim ’70, Hon. ’05

Peter Wimberger
Professor, Biology
Director, Slater Museum of Natural History
Co-chair, Goal Team 1