Our new site is built in Drupal, an open-source content management system that Technology Services selected in part for its flexibility and breadth. It is a complex system with lots of possibilities. We hope you'll be excited by the variety of things our new system allows us to do, but if you find the new system overwhelming, we will also still retain the workflow option of submitting updates through the Office of Communications.

Video Training Modules

Please take these in order. The videos total just under 3 hours, plus time to take the assessment. After you have submitted the assessment, please allow three business days for processing before you inquire about your account status. We should contact you within that time with your account information, but reminders after that time are welcome!

  1. Drupal Basics (~4 minutes)

  2. Logging In + Content orientation (~4.5 minutes)

  3. Editing 1: Top Content Basics (~11.5 minutes)

  4. Sidebar Options (10 minutes)

  5. Editing 2: Column Callouts, Column Layout, Page Preview, Horizontal Slider (~23.5 minutes)

  6. Editing 3: Full-width Image with Callout, Brand Message, Facts with Image, Call-to-Action (~12 minutes)

  7. Editing 4: Media Gallery, Video Embed, Image with Caption (~5 minutes)

  8. Editing 5: Person Carousel, Sample Courses, Accordion, Quick Tabs (~9.5 minutes)

  9. Editing 6: Flexible CTA Blocks, Flexible BG Image Blocks, Gridder (~9.5 minutes)

  10. Editing 7: Side-by-Side Media and Text, Image with Links, Group of Links, Related Links (~10.5 minutes)

  11. Editing 8: Featured Stories, Events, Article + Event Submission (~9.5 minutes)

  12. Editing 9: Outcomes, Social Wall, Twitter Feature (~11 minutes)

  13. Last Notes: Publish Status + Meta Tags (~4.5 minutes)

  14. Reusable Components (~6.5 minutes)

  15. Uploading Files (~3.5 minutes)

  16. Adding Content Pages (~5 minutes)

  17. Anchors (~7 minutes)

  18. Creating New Pages within Your Permission Group (~4 minutes)

  19. Inserting Media in WYSIWYG Fields (~5 minutes)


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