From the model of a juvenile whale suspended as if midswim that beckons visitors into Harned Hall’s main lobby to the tile representation of Pi in binary code planned for the third floor of Thompson Hall, the Science Center at Puget Sound serves as a gateway to the worlds of exploration and discovery.

But “Science on Display” is not just a term to describe skeletons and wall art. It is a philosophy of teaching, learning, and integrating the study of science into the very experience of walking through the building. At every turn, visitors of the Science Center will encounter exhibits, puzzles, and spaces that bring elements of the physical world to life. Here, the study of science is tangible. Each brick in the courtyard demonstrates a mathematical principle. Each decorative mosaic showcases nature’s order. Each artistic rendering of a biological, mechanical, or environmental principle engages the mind and ignites the imagination. We invite you to learn about the science on display at Puget Sound.