In event of a violent act or behavior on or near campus, Security Services may initiate a campus lockdown through an all-campus Security Alert message and/or Wide Area Broadcast towers.

What you should do:

  • Lock doors and windows of the room you occupy. Close window blinds and turn off lights.
  • Assist others to seek shelter.
  • Stay low to the floor and away from doors and windows. Generally it is safest near the hallway wall.
  • Avoid gathering together in groups. Try to remain calm and quiet. Silence cellular telephones.
  • Wait for instructions from uniformed police or security staff.
  • If outdoors, go immediately to the nearest building and follow the instructions above.

What others will do:

  • Secure external campus building doors.
  • Activate emergency response coordination according to circumstances.
  • Facilitate law enforcement and emergency medical aid response to campus.
  • Communicate with the campus community and media.