If you become aware of or are confronted by a violent act or threat, take quick action. Your safety may depend upon your preparedness and decision making. Using three concepts (Run, Hide, and Fight) may enhance your ability to survive violent circumstances.

What you should consider in order of priority:

  1. If you have a safe pathway, run from the area of risk. Leave campus and flee to a safe, secure location. Instruct others to do the same. Call 911 when you get to a safe location.
  2. If you cannot safely evacuate your location or campus, shelter in place by hiding. Follow lockdown procedures. Conceal yourself behind a large object or barricade yourself in a room or closet. Wait for assistance from uniformed officers. Always follow their instructions.
  3. As a last option, and if your life is at risk, be prepared to act against the suspect. Enlist the help of others if possible (strength in numbers) and commit to your actions. Use improvised tools (chairs, fire extinguishers, backpacks, or other objects) to incapacitate or slow the suspect.

What others will do:

  1. Coordinate incident response using procedures appropriate to circumstances.
  2. Direct responding law enforcement officers and provide access to buildings or areas of risk.
  3. Communicate with the campus community and media.