Acknowledging the work of Doug Edwards

The goal for this site is to provide information on archaeological excavations and surveys in which Professor Douglas Edwards of the University of Puget Sound served as director or consultant.  This includes data organized into reports, articles, databases, photographic records, multimedia, geospatial / GIS environments, digital archives and information on specific sites for archaeologists, scholars, students and the general public.

The site navigation takes you to some general information pertaining to the three major projects listed below.  More specific information in the form of articles; maps; galleries of photographs, videos, drawings and reconstructions; and bibliographies can be found in the links of each of the general Project pages to the right.  Beyond that, extensive scholarly, textual, database, geospatial datasets, fieldwork, photographic and video information pertaining to these projects is also available on the individual project "archive" websites via the general Project pages.  If you have any questions, comments or concerns about the material found in these webpages, please do not hesitate to contact the website administrator.