Listed below are a number of website descriptions and links which may be of interest for related research and resources.

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University of Puget Sound Religion Department

The Department of Religion at the University of Puget Sound seeks to help students understand the nature and importance of the world's great religious traditions in historical context and to glimpse some of the profound questions and answers about human nature and destiny that these traditions offer. Toward this end several individual traditions are studied in depth, but the traditions are also treated comparatively, in each case noting how they shape human existence and culture through such expressions as myths, symbols, rituals, moral systems, and ideas.

The University of Victoria Ottoman Greece Project

The Ottoman Greece Project, through the University of Victoria Faculty of Fine Arts, allows you to access a wide variety of information about Medieval Greece during the Ottoman, or Tourkokratia, Period between 1458 and 1821 AD.  The research and information on this project website covers topics such as Ottoman history, architecture and technology in Greece, and examines cross-cultural interactions, site locations, literature, art, and archaeology, both ancient and modern.

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The University of Victoria Medieval Mapping Project

The Medieval Mapping Project, part of the University of Victoria Medieval Studies Program, allows you to access a wide variety of information about the Medieval world covering topics such as history, religion, cross-cultural interaction, mapping, trade, travelling, literature, art, and archaeology.

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The University of Missouri-St. Louis Iklaina Archaeological Project

From 1998 to 2006, the interdisciplinary research project of IKAP (or the Iklaina Archaeological Project) conducted a systematic intensive surface survey of the territory around Iklaina in the Greek Peloponnese.  Beginning in 2006, this survey fieldwork was followed by the current program of full archaeological excavation, and has, to date, uncovered Early, Middle, and Late Helladic levels of settlement at the site.  Each summer, IKAP serves as a field school, including museum and site tours, as well as evening classes on Greek Civilization to students and volunteers interested in a hands-on approach to archaeology.

Conducted by the University of Missouri-St. Louis, details for this on-going archaeological project can be found at