• Google Search Engine Optimization Starter Guide
  • The Beginner's Guide to SEO (by SEOmoz)
  • SEO Browser
    It shows you how a search engine sees your page.
  • SEOmoz Term Extractor
    Analyzes the content of a page and extracts the terms that appear to be targeted to search engines.
  • Google Trends
    Shows keyword search popularity over time.
  • Google Insights for Search
    Provides data about regional usage, popularity, and related queries for keywords.
  • Site Query
    You can use the format site:www.pugetsound.edu/admission to determine how many pages in a section of the university website have been indexed by the search engine. For instance, on 3.23.11, there were approximately 6,810 indexed pages on the university site. This works for Google, Yahoo!, and Bing.
  • Link Query
    You can use similar syntax, link:www.pugetsound.edu, to determine how many sites/pages are currently linking to your URL.
  • Anatomy of a Search Result video