An important part of a well-rounded liberal arts and sciences education is understanding and responding to the needs of your community. At Puget Sound, we’re deeply connected to our Tacoma community and strive to create meaningful partnerships that enrich student learning and give back to our city and our region. Community-based learning opportunities allow you to make a positive impact volunteering with more than 250 local organizations while complementing what you’re learning in the classroom.

Civic Scholarship Initiative

The Civic Scholarship Initiative puts the expertise of our students and faculty to work solving real-world problems faced by our neighbors in the South Sound from community development to empowering women in prison.

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Freedom Education Project Puget Sound

FEPPS provides a rigorous accredited college program to incarcerated women in Washington and creates pathways to educational opportunity after women are released from prison, increasing women prisoners' economic and personal empowerment, contributing to family stability, and reducing recidivism through college education.

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Race and Pedagogy Institute

The Race and Pedagogy Institute pursues the vision of educating students and teachers to think critically about race and act to eliminate racism. RPI hosts campus events, guest lectures and performances, youth and family summits, and a national conference.

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Sound Policy Institute

The Sound Policy Institute helps our community actively and effectively engage in environmental decision making while promoting sustainable, equitable growth in the Puget Sound region.

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