An important part of a well-rounded liberal arts and sciences education is understanding and responding to the needs of your community. At Puget Sound, we’re deeply connected to our Tacoma community and strive to create meaningful partnerships that enrich student learning and give back to our city and our region. Community-based learning opportunities allow you to make a positive impact volunteering with more than 250 local organizations while complementing what you’re learning in the classroom.

Local Organizations & Opportunities

Students looking to get involved in the community by volunteering can identify and secure their own opportunity or they can browse our list of community organizations and volunteer opportunities.

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Community Engagement Initiative

The Community Engagement Initiative at University of Puget Sound aims to create meaningful connections between students and the local Tacoma Pierce County community. Students have the opportunity to receive financial support in order to engage in community-based learning projects and volunteerism.

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Community-Based Learning Experience (EXLN 295)

Students who would like to volunteer or who are already volunteering in the community can enroll in Community-Based Learning Experience (EXLN 295). Students will explore the value and impact of community engagement alongside other student volunteers while also satisfying the Experiential Learning Graduation Requirement. Students will have guidance and support in the first weeks of the semester as they work to identify and coordinate their volunteer experience(s) for the term and will engage throughout the term with a learning community designed to help them get the most out of their experience. Contact Nicole Kendrick for details.

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