Puget Sound means business

When we think about the local economy, our minds immediately go to Joint Base Lewis-McChord. Or health care. Or the Port of Tacoma. But Puget Sound is a business, too. And a pretty big one, at that.

In 2016 we were the 27th largest employer in Pierce County. Each year our faculty, staff, and student employees—not to mention the thousands of visitors that come to our campus—infuse millions of dollars into the local economy. 

Number of regular employees: 749 
Student and temporary employees: 1183 
Employees living in Pierce County: 615 
Payroll: $49.5 million 
Direct salary deposits in local banks: $39.9 million 
Operating Budget: $131 million
University expenditures on goods and services to Pierce County vendors: $25.0 million
Estimated local spending by students: $13.8 million*

*This figure is determined by multiplying the number of full-time students, minus those studying abroad, by the estimated living costs outlined in our Money Matters publication. Books and supplies are not included.