Sabbatical Fellowships

John Lantz Senior Fellowship for Research or Advanced Study

The following individuals were awarded a John Lantz Senior Fellowship for Research or Advanced Study in addition to their sabbaticals in 2017–18:

Alison Tracy Hale
Professor, English
"Pedagogical Citizenship and the Early American Woman"

Lisa Johnson
Professor, Business and Leadership
"Seniors and Squalor: An Aging America's Toughest Ethical Dilemma"

Daniel Sherman
Professor, Environmental Policy and Decision Making
"Integrating Environmental Science, Social Science, and Sustainability"

Katherine Smith
Associate Professor, History
"Holy War and the Bible in 12th-century Europe"

Stacey Weiss
Professor, Biology
"Maternal Protection of Eggs Via Anti-fungal Microbes in Oviparous Lizards" 

Junior Sabbatical Fellowships

The following faculty members were awarded junior sabbatical fellowships in 2017–18:

Lea Fortmann
Assistant Professor, Economics
Hall Junior Sabbatical Fellowship
"When Will Households Be More Likely to Contribute to a Public Good? Evidence From Community Forest Groups in Guatemala"

Megan Gessel
Assistant Professor, Chemistry
Nelson Junior Sabbatical Fellowship
"Investigating Protein-membrane Interactions in Type II Diabetes"

Chad Gunderson
Assistant Professor, Art and Art History
Nelson Junior Sabbatical Fellowship
"Untraditionally Low-fire Ceramic Exploration"

Laura Krughoff
Assistant Professor, English
Nelson Junior Sabbatical Fellowship
"Convents, Cruelties"

Rachel Pepper
Assistant Professor, Physics
Nelson Junior Sabbatical Fellowship
"Theoretical Underpinnings of the Biological Fluid Dynamics of Microscopic Sessile Suspension Feeders and Splash-cup Plants"

Peter Sullivan
Assistant Professor, Economics
Nelson Junior Sabbatical Fellowship
"Cointegration and Structural change in Macroeconometrics"


Robert Beezer
Professor, Mathematics and Computer Science
"Open Textbooks and Open Software"

Nancy Bristow
Professor, History
"A Different Kind of Contempt: State Violence Against African Americans in the Black Power Era"

Sara Freeman ’95
Associate Professor, Theatre Arts
"Back to Britain: New Developments in Alternative Theatre Forms and Histories"

John Hanson
Professor, Chemistry
"Finding, Engineering, Evolving, and Exploiting Bacterial Cell Wall Hydrolases"

Jennifer Hastings
Professor, Physical Therapy
"Neurologic Patient Handling Skills Continuing Education Series"

James Jasinski
Professor, Communication Studies
"Phronesis, Aisthesis, and Deliberative Argument"

Janet Marcavage
Professor, Art and Art History
"Multi-Process Printmaking"

Gary McCall
Professor, Exercise Science
"The Efficacy of Recovery Water Consumption for Attenuating Delayed-onset Muscle Soreness"

Aislinn Melchior
Professor, Classics
"Empire of Venus"

Gerard Morris
Associate Professor, Music
"Swarm Intelligence and the Organism: Creating Exceptional Learning Environments"

Yvonne Swinth
Professor, Occupational Therapy
"Pediatric Occupational Therapy Services for Trauma-affected Children"

Nila Wiese
Professor, Business and Leadership
"Liability of Gender: A Global Perspective"

Kristen Wilbur
Clinical Assistant Professor, Occupational Therapy
"Occupational Therapy's Role in Working With Diverse Populations"

Linda Williams
Professor, Art and Art History
"Sacred Painting and Religious Practice in Colonial Yucatan: Archival and Material Research"

Alan Krause
Professor, Business and Leadership
"Employees' Reaction to Violation of Ideological Expectation"

John Wesley
Professor, English
"The First Shakespeare: A Critical Edition of 'The Elementarie' (1582)"