A Puget Sound Education

Not something you get, something you do

For over 125 years, Puget Sound has offered courses that embrace the ever-changing landscape of human knowledge and endeavor. Puget Sound’s academic program combines study in the arts, humanities, natural and social sciences. This translates to 1,200 classes in 50 traditional and interdisciplinary areas of study.

Students generally declare a major during their second year at Puget Sound. Options range from neuroscience to philosophy, to the interdisciplinary field of international political economy. Lots of students double major and many take on multiple minors in varied fields. Puget Sound’s School of Business and Leadership strives to produce well-rounded business innovators and a conservatory-caliber School of Music enjoys a track record of placing graduates in the most prestigious music programs in the nation.

Academics at Puget Sound mean more than just classes. It’s an experience that extends far beyond the classroom and individual programs. Independent research opportunities abound on campus and in excess of 40 percent of students study abroad in more than 40 countries. From their first year, students work side-by-side with professors, building to thesis and capstone projects taken on as seniors. Whatever academic path Puget Sound students pursue, all lead to new heights of expansive knowledge and personal discovery.