Build career development into your schedule!

Build career development into your schedule!

Register for Career Awareness and Career Readiness courses.

Career Development Courses

.5 graded activity credit courses offered through Career and Employment Services 

CRDV 201: Career Awareness
Using a liberal arts education as a foundation, this class provides the opportunity for students to engage in self-assessment and to apply the knowledge gained from those assessments to career options. Designed for students who are ready to begin, or who are currently considering different occupations, emphasis is placed on self-assessment and exploration of various career paths. Topics include: assessing personality, values, skills, and interests; developing a resume and cover letter; introduction to networking and informational interviewing.

CRDV 301: Career Readiness
In this class, students reflect on their personality, values, skills, and interests; apply this knowledge to career options; and take active steps toward a future career choice. Designed for individuals who are prepared to apply for internships and jobs in a particular field. Emphasis is placed on refining career interests and developing a professional presence on paper, online, and in person. Topics include: using multiple methods of career research, and developing professional skills that include resume writing, building online profiles, networking, interviewing, and salary negotiation.

>>Ready to take action and prep for a job search? Consider enrolling for CRDV 301, taught by Jake Nelko. You need permission to take this course—so please email Jake about your interest.