At the University of Puget Sound, it is the authority of the Office of Student Accountability & Restorative Practices to establish and maintain the standards and procedures conducive to the safety, security, and educational goals of our campus.

The Student Integrity Code is the foundation upon which Student Accountability & Restorative Practices administers an educational and student-centered conduct process. Students are provided opportunities through our processes to personally reflect on their decisions in an environment where they can expect to be treated with respect in a fair and consistent manner.

It is the goal of our process to encourage students to examine themselves, their values, and their relation to others in their behaviors and actions. As our process is holistically educational in nature, outcomes of our processes are individually developed with the goal of promoting critical thinking, repairing harm, and helping students see their actions in the larger scope of the Puget Sound community.

Transparency in our processes is important to us as we commit to providing each student with the procedural protections outlined in the Student Integrity Code. Please use the resources provided on this website to find information about the student conduct process, information about filing a report, the Call for Help Process, resolution options, sanctions, appeals, and how to get involved as a student leader in Student Accountability and Restorative Practices.