"Life is a festival only to the Wise," said Ralph Waldo Emerson. And so it is, for the students who wish to take advantage of the unique blend of learning and fun that make up programs produced by the University of Puget Sound.

With primary funding from ASUPS, and advising of professional staff in the Student Programs Office, we follow a "for the students, by the students" philosophy when it comes to coordinating campus life.

Over the course of a school year, our campus events draw thousands of participants from both the University and surrounding communities. Performing arts, fascinating lectures, fun films, and music ranging from cool jazz to hot rock are but a few of the activities that beckon to our audiences. In addition to learning gained by audiences are the aspects of learning and growth that take place behind-the-scenes. We may be outside a traditional classroom, but the lessons learned through activities programming - promotion, management, delegation, leadership, marketing, staging, and even how to deal with difficulty and failure - are opportunities that are part of our educating for one's lifetime.