CHWS is pleased to offer peer support groups, and group counseling. Peer support groups are open to join at any time during the semester, and do not require an R&R (Recommendation & Referral). Counseling groups are facilitated by a member of the counseling staff. 

To join a counseling group: 

  • Call CHWS and schedule an R&R (Recommendation & Referral).
  • Let the counselor know you would like to join a group.
  • If the group suits your needs, the counselor will help you get signed up!


Peer Support Groups 

No R&R appointment is needed to join a peer support group. For more information, or meeting times/location, please email the group contact listed below. 

Between the Lines

Between the Lines is a support group geared toward creating a safe space for students who identify within the Queer or LGBTQIA+ community, as well as those who are questioning their identity. This group is for students seeking discussion with and support from other students. Between the Lines is a drop-in group and there is no requirement for students to attend every session, however, it is highly encouraged. For more information, including meeting times and location, please email Dr. Potts at

Substance Addictions Anonymous (SAA)

SAA (formerly known as AAA) is a peer led support group for individuals with drug or alcohol addiction. For more information, please email Danielle Bus, RN


Counseling Groups

Counseling groups are led by a professional staff member. If you are interested in participating in a group, please schedule an R&R or if you have a counselor at CHWS, ask your counselor for more information. 

Being Neurodiverse in a Neurotypical World

A support group for folks who identify as neurodiverse and struggle with social and academic challenges of university life.

Chill and Spill: Interpersonal Processing Group

Interpersonal Process Group is a therapy group for anyone struggling with a mental health issue. Increase connection with others Learn to manage interpersonal difficulties, improve relationships and communication, and understand yourself and others better.

Game On! 

This support group is for gamers and aspiring gamers–no prior knowledge required! In Game On! Group members will work on honing their social and communication skills through tabletop gaming. 

Getting Past your Past 

This group fosters a safe and supportive space and community to help members overcome obstacles created by past trauma.