Formal recruitment (all class years) February 2nd - 8th

Membership in a fraternity provides you with academic support, leadership development opportunities, community service involvement, networking, mentoring and life-long friendships. It also provides men with an opportunity for self-governance; living in and managing the chapter house will provide you with real world skills you will not find in many other campus organizations.

Fraternity recruitment is an opportunity for students to take a closer look at the four fraternities at Puget Sound and to ask questions regarding fraternity life. It is an informal process of meeting and getting acquainted with members in each chapter. Recruitment is open to all males on campus who have completed at least one semester of college. The fall recruitment is mainly for sophomores and transfer students. It is very informal and only requires that you attend a chapter’s events throughout the week. The spring recruitment is much larger and a little bit more formal. This is the time when most first year students decide to join a fraternity. There will be several events throughout the week, culminating in bid day. Ultimately, recruitment is a great opportunity for you to meet new people, take a closer look at fraternity life at Puget Sound and decide if it is right for you.