To make a counseling or medical appointment you can: 

  1. Give us a call at 253.879.1555. If we don’t answer, please clearly state your first and last name and phone number so we can give you a call back. 
  2. Email us at (as a reminder, email is not a HIPAA compliant form of communication. Please keep this in mind when providing details about your reason for the appointment. Please provide a phone number in your email. We will contact you by phone to schedule you for an appointment).
  3. Stop by Wheelock 216 and talk to our front desk staff. If you do not want to state why you need an appointment, use the lavender colored paper slips to write down why you need to be seen and hand it to our front office staff member. 


Telehealth/Online Appointments 

Although we prefer to see you in person, CHWS has the ability to do telehealth appointments if needed. Please refer to the instructions below if you have a telehealth appointment scheduled. 

CHWS uses the HIPAA compliant TAO platform located in the Counseling Services section to provide telehealth medical and counseling appointments as needed/desired.

For Telehealth visits, please log into TAO before your scheduled appointment to set up an account.

  1. Go to the TAO site and sign up for TAO self-help. This will ensure you have an active account when you schedule your appointment with a provider.
  2. Five minutes before your first teleconference appointment, go to the videoconferencing tab and select the start videoconference. You will need to download the TAO zoom app prior to your first appointment. You will not need to do this for subsequent appointments unless you change the device you are working on. You will need to download TAO zoom for each new device once.
  3. You will not see your provider until they enter the virtual/zoom room. If your provider doesn’t show immediately, please wait at least 5 minutes after the scheduled appointment to disconnect because they may be experiencing technical difficulties or be running late from another meeting.
  4. Note, you may only meet with your provider during pre-scheduled dates and times.
  5. If you are attending a group, the group leader will send you a link to join the group at the appointed group time.
  6. Please call the front desk if you have questions and a provider will get back to you as soon as possible.