Puget Sound's expectation is that students will inform themselves about the Student Integrity Code and make decisions that are in alignment with the code and their own personal values.

We seek to educate students and inform them of their rights. As a result of participating in the conduct process, students will be able to:

  • demonstrate an understanding of impacts a person’s decisions have on their personal life.
  • demonstrate and understanding of impacts a person’s decisions have on their academic success.
  • demonstrate an understanding of impacts a person’s decisions have on their community.
  • demonstrate using reflection to inform future decisions.
  • explore their own values as they relate to Puget Sound’s Student Integrity Code.
  • demonstrate the ability to effectively communicate in a variety of contexts.

At the annual Matriculation Ceremony, all entering students subscribe to the Integrity Principle by making this public promise:

I am a member of the community of the University of Puget Sound, which is dedicated to developing its members’ academic abilities and personal integrity. I accept the responsibilities of my membership in this community and acknowledge that the purpose of this community demands that I conduct myself in accordance with Puget Sound’s policies of Academic and Student Integrity. As a student at the University of Puget Sound, I hereby pledge to conduct myself responsibly and honorably in my academic activities, to be fair, civil, and honest with all members of the Puget Sound community, and to respect their safety, rights, privileges, and property.

In making this commitment, all students publicly acknowledge that the Integrity Code is the primary measure by which they will examine their motives and actions and the fundamental mechanism which guarantees the right of all other members of the Puget Sound community to pursue their educational goals successfully. Students thus matriculate as full members of the university community, embracing all of its obligations and enjoying all of its privileges.

The Standards of Integrity provide more specific explication of how the principle is exercised and apply to all students and student groups, both on-campus and off-campus, who are engaged in activities sponsored by the university or by a university organization, or who represent the university in some recognized capacity.

The practical aim of the Integrity Code is to create education experiences from which students develop both skill and confidence in making personal judgments and appreciating their consequences. Although all members of the university community are expected to abide by the Integrity Principle and its attendant obligations, the standards provide an additional education resource. They describe in more specific detail the expectations which all members of the Puget Sound community are required to meet.

Please view the Bulletin for additional information about the student conduct process and policies.