The University of Puget Sound values the rich diversity of religious traditions, observances and beliefs that are a part of our campus community – supporting students, faculty, and staff of any, all, and no particular religious or spiritual identity.   While we have specific policies in place to support students’ religious observances in academic programs (, we encourage all members of our community to build cultural literacy, offer broad hospitality, and otherwise respect and affirm the range of ways in which we find and make meaning in the world.

One way to practice this sort of intentional care is to increase awareness of the ways different religious and spiritual observances may impact work, study, and life schedules throughout the academic year – and, whenever possible, to offer reasonable accommodations to adjust schedules and plans to maximize inclusion in campus life. 

To that end, below is a LIMITED list of some of the major observances that tend to have impact on members of our community – imperfectly developed from a blend of campus demographics and the significance of different holidays and festivals.

2023 Major Observances potentially requiring accommodation:

  • Lunar New Year – 1/22

  • Naw Ruz – 3/21

  • Ramadan – 3/23-4/20

  • Pesach – 4/5-4/13 (accommodation evening of 4/5 through end of day 4/7)

  • Good Friday – 4/7

  • Easter – 4/9

  • Id al-Fitr – 4/21 (observance begins at sundown 4/20, most events on 4/21)

  • Īd al-Adhá – 6/29

  • Rosh Hashanah – 9/15-17

  • Yom Kippur – 9/24-25

  • Sukkot, Shmini Atzeret, & Simhat Torah – 9/29-10/8

  • Diwali – 11/12

  • Christmas (W) – 12/25

If you have questions about any of these observances, please email