Student organizations and groups are expected to abide by the Student Integrity Code and all university policies, including those that pertain specifically to groups and organizations. A student organization or group may be held responsible collectively and individually for the actions of its members or guests. There is no minimum number of group or organization members that must be involved in an incident before the conduct process may be initiated with a group or organization. The decision to initiate the conduct process with a student organization or group is made by examining and taking into account whether the actions included:

  • members of the organization or group acting together to violate the Student Integrity Code;
  • one or more members, officers, or leaders of the organization or group, having knowledge of the incident or behavior and failing to take corrective or prohibitive action before such incident or behavior occurred, failing to stop the incident or behavior while it was occurring, failing to report the behavior or incident, or failing to cooperate with university officials;
  • behavior at an event or in connection with an event or activity that was associated with the group or organization;
  • behavior committed by one or more officers/leaders or authorized representatives acting in the scope of their group or organizational capacities;
  • behavior that should have been foreseen by the organization or group or its officers, but for which reasonable precautions against such actions were not taken;
  • behavior or actions that would be attributable to the organization or group under their own policies (including local or national risk-management guidelines);
  • behavior taken by individuals who, but for their affiliation with the organization or group, would not have been involved in the incident; or
  • a pattern of individual violations found to have occurred that negatively reflects upon and compromises the status of the group or organization and continues to occur without proper and appropriate group control, remedy, or sanction.

The Student Integrity Code shall not preclude holding students who are members of a student organization or group responsible for their individual behavior committed in the context of or in association with the student organization or group’s alleged violations. Both the student and the organization or group may be found responsible for violations of the Student Integrity Code in connection with the same behavior. Sanctions assigned to groups or organizations must be completed by all members unless otherwise specified in the decision letter.