Affirming Care for Transgender and GNC Patients at CHWS

Where can I find trans supportive student groups on campus?

Prism is a student group specifically for LGBTQ+students and allies. Attendance is open to all, and members meet weekly in the Student Diversity Center. For information about when the group meets, email the Student Diversity Center staff at

Between the Lines is a weekly support group facilitated by two psychology staff members from Counseling, Health & Wellness Services (CHWS). The location, meeting day, and time of the group can be obtained from Khalila Fordham, Psy.D. at

Where are gender inclusive bathrooms on campus?

Gender inclusive bathrooms are marked with "All-Gender Restroom" and include personal hygiene products. See a map of these bathroom facilities.

The Accessibility Work Group began the necessary work to champion for single-stall, accessible bathrooms on campus to serve trans and non-binary students. The Trans Advocacy and Inclusion Committee (TAIC) researched best practices regarding definitions and signage for gender inclusive restrooms. TAIC affirms the use of "all-gender" in labeling and practice because this term is inclusive of all gender identities, including but not limited to individuals who identify with no gender, as well as gender-neutral, and genderqueer identities. Additionally, the Committee recognizes that gender is socially constructed and thus never neutral in practice even as a gender-neutral identity carries meaning and weight in society and lived experience.

What medical services are available in CHWS?

Students already prescribed with and continuing Gender Affirming Hormone Therapy (GAHT) may visit CHWS for medical support. The medical staff at CHWS does not currently assist students with beginning Gender Affirming Hormone Therapy (GAHT). For any questions on campus medical services for trans & non-binary individuals, please contact Colleen Carette, Physician's Assistant, at

The medical staff at Cedar River Clinic ( here in Tacoma conducts a 2 hour consultation before beginning individuals on GAHT. Cedar River Clinic does not require a letter from another provider in order to begin GAHT. Rather, they have an informed consent model that allows each individual to make a fully autonomous decision without a letter from another health professional.

What are the options for gender inclusive housing?

Housing options for transgender and non-binary students vary based on their status as incoming or continuing students. For new students, housing needs are addressed on an individual and confidential basis by the office of Residence Life ( Continuing students have a couple of options including private and more publicly recognized housing. More information about housing options for transgender and non-binary students can be found on the Residence Life webpages.

I am a transgender athlete. What options are available for me within collegiate athletics?

All student-athletes must be in good standing within the rules and policies of the National Collegiate Athletics Association (NCAA). For more information about what this means for transgender student-athletes, please see the Athletics Department Policy on Transgender Student-Athletes (PDF).

If I have a Puget Sound community member who is unwilling to use my name and/or use appropriate gender pronouns with me, what can I do?

Students who experience gender-based discrimination from professors, staff, or students are encouraged to inform one of the Harassment Reporting Officers, consult with a member of Puget Sound's Bias-Hate Education Response Team (BHERT), or reach out to the Chief Diversity Officer. Students who want to make a BHERT report can thoroughly consult with a BHERT member before making a decision about how to proceed. The process is simple and private unless the student wants to take action with the advocacy and support of a BHERT team member who is adequately trained and knows the proper procedures. Vivie Nguyen and Dave Wright are both BHERT members.

What name will be read at the commencement ceremony?

For most students, the full legal name is read at commencement. As part of applying for graduation, students may indicate their chosen or preferred name for commencement and for the diploma.

While the University can be accommodating for the commencement ceremony, the University must use the legal name on the transcript.

What are other on-campus resources?

Members of the Office of the Chief Diversity Officer and the Office for Intercultural Engagement are available to meet with trans students to discuss any struggles they may be encountering on campus and will work with students to address issues that could arise. The Transgender Awareness and Inclusion Committee (TAIC) is an official advisory committee to the Chief Diversity Officer. Read more about TAIC.

What are some off-campus trans resources?