University of Puget Sound has a strong commitment to diversity as an essential foundation for a broad and stimulating liberal arts education. Numerous programs and resources engage the campus in an inclusive approach to celebrating, sharing, and supporting our journey together in an increasingly complex and multicultural world.

Current updates on DEI Efforts on Campus

Diversity and Inclusion Vision

We are a campus community that values the intrinsic worth of its members, recognizes our shared qualities, and embraces our differences. We make appreciation of all persons a key characteristic of this community, foster a spirit of openness and active engagement, and strive to be diverse and inclusive in every aspect of campus life. In doing so, we ensure a full educational opportunity for all who teach and learn at University of Puget Sound.

We believe that reflective, thoughtful, and respectful examination of the differing dimensions of diversity educates and empowers all who work and study here to be advocates for inclusion and equity. All members of this community share in cultivating, sustaining, and continuously developing an environment in which equity is intentionally sought and inclusiveness is practiced. The University of Puget Sound is a powerful example of a community enriched by diversity in all its forms, and the challenges and rewards that come with diverse representation, thought, and expression.

University Diversity Statement

We Acknowledge

  • the richness of commonalities and differences we share as a university community.
  • the intrinsic worth of all who work and study here.
  • that education is enhanced by investigation of and reflection upon multiple perspectives.

We Aspire

  • to create respect for and appreciation of all persons as a key characteristic of our campus community.
  • to increase the diversity of all parts of our university community through commitment to diversity in our recruitment and retention efforts.
  • to foster a spirit of openness to active engagement among all members of our campus community.

We Act

  • to achieve an environment that welcomes and supports diversity.
  • to ensure full educational opportunity for all who teach and learn here.
  • to effectively prepare citizen-leaders for a pluralistic world.