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2024-2025 Academic Year

Thank you for your interest in applying for a position on the Residence Life Student Staff team at the University of Puget Sound. Staff Selection is an extensive and thorough process; applications will be reviewed to assure that everyone continuing through the selection process meets the minimum qualifications. Final offers for Residence Life will be sent via email. Before applying, please review the Position Description in detail. To be considered, you must complete the New Candidate Application.

Qualities and Skills of Student Leaders

So what qualities and skills does a Residence Life Student Leader have? Here are some of the qualities and skills we are looking for in your application and throughout the interview process:

  • Interpersonal Skills & Boundaries
    • Skills related to building relationships, connections, and understanding of others; as well as being able to develop and maintain strong boundaries.

  • Communication
    • Skills related to receiving, relaying, and understanding complex and challenging information from a variety of sources.

  • Responsibility
    • Skills related to ownership over decisions and actions, accountability, and strong time management.

  • Problem Solving & Critical Thinking
    • Skills related to solving problems and issues in different situations, finding solutions and logical actions to address issues.

  • Teamwork
    • Skills related to working on a team and with other folks through support and a joint commitment to the role, and qualities such as flexibility/adaptability.

  • Support & Care
    • Skills related to supporting others, including emotional intelligence, handling conflict, and supporting the development of others.

  • Leadership
    • Skills related to being a strong community support, advocating, being a positive role model to others, and taking initiative.

IMPORTANT NOTE: We do not expect any one candidate to possess all of the above qualities or skills, an do know that many of these skills are significantly developed during training and even in the role! However, you should take these into account when writing your cover letter for the application.


New candidates are students applying for a Residence Life position who are not currently on the Residence Life team and have never been a Resident Advisor (RA), Resident Community Coordinator (RCC), Resident Programming Assistant (RPA), or Greek House Coordinator (GHC).