RHA wants to help your program on campus to be successful!

Funding Requests

If you seek funding for an event that has a direct positive impact on the residential population, you may want to consider RHA as a potential funding source. Applying for funding from the RSA starts with filling out the Funding Request Form. This form should be filled and submitted within a minimum of two weeks before the event date. This allows the RSA to review your proposal and submit this request to the Executive Board or General Assembly for approval.

After you submit your proposal, you will be contacted by a member of RHA to set up a time to present your request to the General Council (Fall 2022 meetings on Tuesdays at 8:00pm in Library 053).

The best funding proposals are those that are detailed and well-planned. Executive Board and General Assembly will be looking to see that the presenter(s) have thought ahead and can provide a detailed description of the event's costs and how the event will benefit students living on campus. RSA generally does not fund programs or initiatives that are on-going or general campus initiatives. Instead, the council encourages events with a specific time, date, start and end time, and held at an on-campus location. The RSA is an advocacy body for the residential student population, and as such, represents the voice of those living on campus. If you believe you have a program that students living on campus could benefit from, we want to hear from you!

If you are a member of an on-campus community (i.e., a Residence Hall) who would like to create a program, and need funds from your community to put this program on, consider asking your Hall Government for funds contacting your Hall Government President or Hall RPA.


Most funds are received by clubs and organizations through a funds transfer from RSA directly to the account for that on-campus club or organization. If your funding proposal is approved, the Director of Business Services will need your Chartfield and Account number for your organization. If you do not have a university account or unique circumstances to your funding, you may be asked to pay for the services associated with your proposal and be reimbursed. If this is the case, please be sure to save all receipts and use the Disbursement Request Form to be reimbursed for expenses. Submit this completed form and documentation to the ResEx Office, located at 3206 N 15th. All reimbursements must have the original, itemized receipts, and/or invoice attached to be reimbursed. If your organization has a university account number to be charged, please provide this information to the RHA Director of Business Services. The RHA will only reimburse those expenses that were approved by the General Council.

If you are a member of a Hall Government who needs to be reimbursed for Hall Gov. expenses, please use the same form above and submit it to your Hall Government Treasurer.