Hall Council is a leadership opportunity dedicated to advocating for the needs and interests of the community they serve, planning events to foster socialization, learning about one another, and creating a vibrant and inclusive living-learning community.


Hall Council leaders are individuals who volunteer or are appointed from their residential community to act as representatives for their residential area. Hall Councils coordinate social and educational events for their community and speak on behalf of the students to respond to the needs and concerns of the community.


There are four Hall Councils* divided among our first-year and continuing student communities as follows:


  • Todd-Phibbs
  • Trimble, Smith & Oppenheimer
  • Anderson-Langdon
  • Schiff & Harrington


Each Hall Council has three leadership positions: Chair, Vice-Chair, and Programming Chair. Open volunteer opportunities and appointments happen at the beginning of each year at a Hall Council meeting led by an RA or RCC in each of the above areas.  Look out for information on those meetings on Instagram and fliers. 


To learn more about these positions, please reach out to an RA or RCC in your area, or the RSA team at rsa@pugetsound.edu


*Hall Councils have been focused on First Year (Todd-Phibbs, Anderson-Langdon, and Schiff & Harrington) areas and primarily Second Year (Trimble, Oppenheimer & Smith) areas for the 2022-23 year.  Expansion to Thomas Hall and the Neighborhood Houses will take place in the 2023-24 year.