Hall Council is a great way to gain new leadership skills, get involved on campus, navigate campus resources, and meet new people to make a positive impact in your community. Hall Councils are a part of the Resident Student Association (RSA), students involved attend regular meetings and host events in their community. 


Information sessions and programs hosted by the Resident Student Association happen during Passages Orientation, so keep an eye on your schedule for these sessions!

What do the Hall Councils do?
Each Hall Council is a group of students who represent their hall and provide community events for residents to build connections among all the folks in the hall. Hall Council members also get to work with a Resident Programming Advisor (a Student Leader) and the area Resident Director (professional staff member who supervises Student Leaders and the halls in their area) to build and enhance their communities. Some examples have included hosting Hall Movie Nights, Game Nights, Ice Cream Socials, and more! RSA has funding that Hall Councils can use to make these events happen.

What type of positions are open?
Each Hall Council consists of a Chair, Vice-Chair, and Programming Chair, as well as any number of At-Large members who want to be a part of the council. Hall Councils are also able to create additional specific roles with the advice of the the RSA.

Hall Council appointments/elections (depending on the interest in the roles) happens during Passages Orientation week, keep an eye on your schedule for this, they usually occur right in your hall’s main lounge!

What are the benefits of serving on the Hall Council?
Hall Council members gain valuable experience in service and leadership, and have a great opportunity to create a strong community in their Residence Hall and connect with others. Many of these skills would be transferable to becoming a Student Leader (an RA or RCC)!

If you have any questions, feel free to reach out to rsa@pugetsound.edu for more information.