If you are selected to be a student leader, you'll be required to attend trainings to help prepare you for the role and assist with administrative tasks associated with opening and closing the residence halls. We want you to be aware of these as you apply.

Fall 2024:

Fall Training

Fall training typically runs from 8a-10p, with responsibilities extending through the new student orientation week. Leaders should prepare to keep all these dates free of outside commitments.

  • Return to campus on August 14, 2024, by 5pm
  • Training period is from August 15 through August 30, 2024
Fall Closing

Leaders play a pivotal role in assisting with close-down procedures.

  • Leaders are asked to stay and assist with closing until December 21, 2024, at 5pm

Spring 2025

January Training

Student leaders are brought back early for spring term for additional training.

  • Return to campus on January 15, 2025, by 5pm
  • Spring training runs through January 17, 2025
Spring Closing

Like fall closing, we ask our leaders to help us close-down the halls for Spring!

  • Leaders stay until 5pm on May 12, 2025